Recently, Professor CAI Zhiming, as the only representative of Macao, was invited to participate in the first 2023 Bay Area Innovation Forum with the theme of “New Time and Space, New ecology and new Industries”, focusing on the Beidou empowering digital economy. Together with the participating experts, he deeply discussed the application and technological innovation work of Beidou spatio-temporal data service. In order to create a new high ground for the digital economy of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, Science innovation platform provides reference support.

Liang Qinru, deputy director of the Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province, said in his speech at the event that Guangdong Province attaches great importance to the scale application of Beidou and technological innovation, actively layout the scientific research and innovation breakthroughs of the Beidou industry, formulated and introduced documents such as the “Guangdong Satellite Navigation Industry Technology Roadmap”, and accelerated the organic integration of the talent chain, capital chain, policy chain, industrial chain and technology chain in the Beidou field. Incubating and cultivating a group of core competitive Beidou backbone enterprises, actively promoting the integration and innovation of “Beidou +” and the space-time application development of “+ Beidou”, injected a strong impetus to the development of Guangdong’s digital economy and high-quality development. Liu Jingnan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and professor of Wuhan University, said in his speech: The spatiotemporal service network established by Beidou and satellite navigation and positioning technology is the basis of spatiotemporal intelligence, and also the basis of generating spatiotemporal location big data, and the analysis and application of spatiotemporal big data is one of the key technologies to achieve the goal of smart city.

CAI Lanbo, the former chief teacher of Beidou, and Professor CAI and other experts of our university discussed in depth the realization of “Beidou intelligent application” on the basis of the complete set of Beidou data, forming the integration and synergistic effect of Beidou space-time information and AI, and jointly creating the trusted innovation platform of Beidou space-time data, the innovation platform of Beidou space-time data connection, and the innovation platform of Beidou space-time data application. Create Beidou space-time data trusted – sharing – intelligent ecosystem.