Academic Affairs Department

The functions of Department of Academic Affairs are:

  1. Manage the teaching work of the whole Faculty, draw up teaching work plan, formulate relevant rules and regulations on teaching, study, propose and organize curriculum construction of the Faculty;
  2. Formulate an annual admission plan; Accomplish the admission work;
  3. Arrange class schedule and classrooms;
  4. Organize and supervise the formulation of course syllabus and relevant teaching documents;
  5. Organize the research work and experience exchange of teaching reform;
  6. Responsible for student registration, student status management, performance management, examination management; Handle certificate of diploma, student ID card and other supporting documents;
  7. Organize the formulation of internship plans for various majors, and assist each Faculty(department) to do a good job in the construction of internship bases inside and outside the Faculty;
  8. Organize the selection of excellent course construction, teaching excellence award, excellent teaching achievement award, excellent teaching material award and excellent course award; Responsible for the evaluation work of relevant majors;
  9. Make a good plan for the development of teaching staff;
  10. Organize teaching quality assurance and evaluation.