Associate Degree in Business Management

The objective of this course is to cultivate entry-level management personnel in finance, economics, and business. Students will learn and understand the basic modes of thinking in economics or management as a foundation for exploring more advanced and specialized theories. Students will gain preliminary understanding of and be able to analyze economic phenomena and solve basic business problems. Through a combination of theoretical and practical learning, students will master the basic application of fundamental theories and the basic concept of commercial organization and operation. Upon completion of the Associate Degree Program, students can further their studies for 1-2 years and obtain a Bachelor’s Degree.

Duration of study

2 year

Language of Instruction

Chinese, supplemented with English

Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet the following criteria and participate in an entrance examination:

  • Completion of 6 years of secondary education/high school or equivalent and obtaining a graduation certificate.
  • Applicants who are 25 years old or above and have relevant work experience may be exempted from the academic qualification requirement, but are still required to take the entrance examination.