Associate Degree Program in Comparative Culture Studies

The exchange between Chinese and Western cultures has a long history. Macau, as a cultural hub where the East meets the West, has a more opportunities for cultural exchange and development. Talented individuals who are familiar with the essence of both Chinese and Western cultures are expected to play a unique and crucial role in cultural, artistic, the development of economic and trade in China’s Mainland, Hong Kong and Macau. Macau has a unique cultural and historical background of East and West, and a multicultural and multilingual environment, which makes it an ideal place to offer cultural comparison courses to nurture cultural exchange, communication and development talents for local, domestic and overseas.

The course content emphasizes the training of language skills and the deepening of national and international knowledge. Through the recognition and comparison of Chinese and Western cultures, students will improve their ability to think independently and analyze problems. The curriculum includes subjects such as Chinese and foreign art, philosophy, history, literature, aesthetics, religion, education, and business, in order to cultivate professionals with both Chinese and Western cultural heritage and cultural cultivation.

Duration of study

2 year

Language of Instruction
Chinese, supplemented with English

Admission Requirements
Applicants must meet the following criteria and participate in an entrance examination:

  • Completion of 6 years of secondary education/high school or equivalent and obtaining a graduation certificate.
  • Applicants who are 25 years old or above and have relevant work experience may be exempted from the academic qualification requirement, but are still required to take the entrance examination.

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