bachelor of commerce majoring in management studies

bachelor of commerce majoring in management studies
This programme intends to cultivate senior decision-making and management professional personnel in finance, economics and business. With the aim to lay foundation for further advanced and specialized theories, the first-year curriculum includes eight basic compulsory courses, while in the second year, the basic theoretical knowledge of economics and management is highlighted so as to understand and examine economic phenomena or to address various commercial problems. As for the design of the curriculum in the third and fourth year, it strives to apply theories into practice by examining a wide range of important topics. In this sense, better insights concerning the economic and market analysis methods at home and abroad as well as the professional organization and operation of a business organization can be achieved.

Durationfour years

Medium of InstructionChinese supplemented by English

Admission Examination
To qualify for admission examination applicants must
i.Have finished Form 6/ or 3rd year of senior high school/ or year 12 of education.
ii.In lieu thereof academic qualifications, applicants aged 25 or above with employment may take an entrance examination