Integration of Chinese and Western Cultures

Integration of Chinese and Western Cultures refers to the integration of traditional Chinese culture and western culture which makes possible cultural exchange and cultural integration. It has a far-reaching impact on our lives, and plays an important role in changing our views and way of thinking, improving cultural accomplishment and self-cultivation, and enhancing our aesthetic taste.

The significance of integrating Chinese and western cultures is that while preserving traditional Chinese culture, we can also explore new fields of western culture, increase our cultural self-confidence, deepen our cultural identity and realize the all-round development of culture under the influence of western culture. Besides, the integration can not only deepen our understanding of two different cultures and enable cultural exchange, but also increase our understanding of the world and broaden our horizon, which help us figure out the relationship between different cultures.

To sum up, the integration of Chinese and Western cultures not only deepens the understanding of the two cultures, improves our cultural accomplishment and aesthetic taste, but also enables us to know our world better, broaden our horizons, improve our cultural self-confidence, and realize the all-round development of culture. In the future, the integration will continue to play an important role and bring us more opportunities.