Master’s Degree Program in Digital Business Management(etc.)

With the rapid development of digital technology, the era of digital economy has arrived. The digitalization and commercialization of business have brought unprecedented challenges and opportunities to the business management model and called for the emergence of a new generation of business management talents.

The economic diversification promoted by Macau since its return more than 20 years ago coincides with the macro support of the digital economy, and the digital commerce with Macau characteristics is ready to develop. For example, the Macau SAR government has actively grasped the development opportunities brought by technology and finance, explored various ways to transform Macau’s economy, and served the national Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area and the “Belt and Road” strategy: 1. With the technical support of the central bank, support the joint research and development of local financial institutions and universities, promote the digitalization of traditional business by focusing on the basic technologies of blockchain and digital encryption of digital currency, and quickly cultivate a number of innovative enterprises and business institutions with demonstration effect (such as the combination of gaming and e-competition), so as to transform and upgrade local digital finance; 2. Take the digital RMB as a pilot project of the Guangdong-Macau In-depth Cooperation Zone, provide a new innovation and development platform for the cross-border digital finance in Hengqin Free Trade Zone through the integration of DCEP and FT account management policies, and gradually extend to the western cities of the Bay Area; 3. In order to deepen the function and role of the financial platform between China and Portuguese-speaking countries in Macau, Macau is actively building a “Digital currency Bridge between the Central Bank of China and Portuguese-speaking countries”. It has been in active consultation with the financial regulatory authorities of eight Portuguese-speaking countries on how to expand the implementation of the digital RMB in these “Belt and Road” destination countries. It will also give new functions to “One Platform” in Macau. While seizing and creating new opportunities for the innovation and development of digital economy and digital commerce, Macau not only needs to accelerate the construction of its own digital technology infrastructure (such as Macau 5G, public cloud platform, FPS, etc.), but also urgently needs to cultivate middle and senior talents with Sino-Portuguese cross-cultural literacy and digital business management.


  • Course orientation

This course aims to “develop innovative management talents with cross-cultural literacy and expertise in the business application and commercialization of digital technology”.

  • Course features

This course aims to highlight and condense its four features through the setting of its professional scope and compulsory elective subjects:

  1. Broad perspective and integration of disciplines: Based on the basic theory of data science, the disciplines focus on the practice and characteristics of the business application of digital technology, and integrate the knowledge of basic data calculation, artificial intelligence and virtual technology application, management, design and other fields into every link of teaching with an interdisciplinary perspective;

Ii. Focus on practice and promote innovation: This course will rely on the partnership built by the College with large and medium-sized enterprises and business institutions (such as finance, trade, exhibition, gaming, etc.) in Macau and the Greater Bay Area over the years to continuously strengthen experience-based teaching and practical participation. At the same time, it will also encourage students to innovate and start their own businesses with the support of Sino-Western Innovation and entrepreneurship Fund.

Three, diverse teachers, research and development combination: Currently ten teachers, four for computer and data science experts, six for enterprise management experts but in the business application of data technology attains deep, with successful application of original research and development experience, all teachers hold relevant research and development topics, encourage students to join;

  • Employment prospects

He may join various large and medium-sized enterprises in Macau and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area to engage in the management and research of business digital transformation. To engage in innovation management in the collaborative innovation digital platform in Macau and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area. They can join all kinds of large multinational enterprises (especially those with business operations in the “Belt and Road” destination countries and regions) to assist or directly take charge of the management and research of business digital transformation. They may set up or join business consulting institutions in Macau and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area to engage in research and consulting on the digital transformation and development of business.

  • Admission requirements

Applicants with a bachelor’s degree and who pass the entrance examination for master’s degree program organized by the Institute of Innovation in China and the West are eligible to apply for admission. Candidates majoring in computer science, data science, artificial intelligence, business administration, international economy and trade, design, finance, trade and other business institutions in Australia and relevant government institutions are preferred.

  • Graduation Requirements

Each student must complete a total of 38 credits (2 compulsory basic courses, 4 compulsory professional courses, 4 elective courses and one original project report or academic paper) during the course period (2-3 academic years). Students with passing grades can apply for graduation. A Master’s degree in Digital Business Management will be awarded to each student who completes all the requirements of the degree program during the course of study and is approved by the Academic and Teaching Committee of the School.