Master’s Degree Program in Digital Technology and Applications

This Master’s degree program aims to cultivate advanced talents with a global perspective and innovative capabilities in the integration of industry, academia and research in digital technology. The program focuses on the comprehensive development of digital technology in industry, academia and research, and collaborates with prestigious companies, research institutions, and universities both domestically and internationally, including Huawei, Gree, Tsinghua Univeristy, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, universities in Canada and Portugal. With high degree of integration of industry, academia and research, the program dedicate to addressing cutting-edge issues in the digital technology industry. Fully leveraging the great advantages of the “One Country, Two Systems” policy in Macau, the program organize world-class teams to carry out teaching and scientific research. Through cooperation with enterprise in applied R&D, and the R&D of high-end technology, the program fosters top talents in digital technology with intercultural competence, serving the development of the Great Bay Area.

In terms of development strategy, the program will take advantage of the “One Country, Two Systems” policy and Hengqin, Guangdong-Macau in-depth cooperation zone with a focus on the common issues of cross-border governance of digital systems in the international community and an aim at building the Community of Common Destiny for Mankind. Based on the existing China National Root in Macau Node System, Gree’s cross-border intelligent cooperative system, Macau’s supervision and quality assurance system, etc., the program will gradually expand the research and development of cross-regional digital systems to support the development of dual circulation in both domestic and international market.

Course Positioning
The program takes great advantage of the “One Country, Two Systems” policy and aims to build a technical platform for digital technology hub. With this platform, the program carry out integrated teaching and scientific research of industry, academia and research, and develop the R&D capabilities in digital technology with global perspectives. This Master’s degree program puts emphasis on “Digital Technology and

Applications” and the related industry. The Doctorate degree program focuses on “Digital Technology” and emphasize advanced research. The two programs are of distinct levels and interlinked, supporting each other.

Course Features

  • The course fully leverages the great advantage of the “One Country, Two System”policy in Macau, emphasizes on the cultivation of both Chinese and Western views as well as innovation and entrepreneurship competence.
  • The course adopts a disciplinary hub structure consisting of an inner hub, an inner hub and an outer hub.
  • R&D with regional characteristics such as the cross-border digital systems.
  • Integration of research and development, degree education and industrial incubators.

Training Objectives

The program aims to cultivate professionals with intercultural competence, R&D and application capabilities in digital technology, who can meet the needs of the development of our country and the Greater Bay Area.

Employment Prospects

After graduating from this program, students can join various colleges and research institutions to engage in teaching and research work related to digital technology. Students can also join relevant international organizations and government departments at all level to engage in the development and management of digital technology. As well as that, students are able to join various large enterprise to assist or directly take responsibility for research and management work related to digital technology.

Admission Requirements

Applicants who hold a Bachelor’s degree and have passed the university’s entrance examination for Master’s degree program can apply for admission. Majors in Computer Science, Information Science, Information Security, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Information Engineering, Applied Mathematics and related fields are preferred.

Graduation Requirements

Each students must complete 37 credit (including 3 compulsory course, 6 elective course, 1 academic report, and a graduation thesis) within the study period of 2-4 academic years. Only those who pass the course are eligible to apply for graduation. Each student will be awarded a Master’s degree in Digital Technologies and Applications after completing all the requirements of the degree program with a passing grade and with the approval of the Academic and Teaching Committee.