R & D Department

The functions of R&D Department are:

  1. Prepare long-term and short-term development plans for the Faculty R&D work. determine the Faculty R&D objectivesand tasks, formulate rules, regulations and methods for R&D management in accordance with the actual situation of our Faculty, and be responsible for the implementation.
  2. Organize and manage the Faculty R & D work; Guide, inspect, coordinate and supervise the implementation of the R&D plan of each grassroots unit; Regularly assess the R&D work of grassroots units.
  3. Organize R&D projects at all levels as well as coordinate the application work; Organize and coordinate the implementation of cross-department, interdisciplinary, interscholastic and international R&D projects; Supervise and inspect the ongoing projects; Review the projects that have completed the research tasks and declare the conclusion.
  4. Review and approve R&D achievements, and organize the application of national patents and R&D achievements awards; Organize the evaluation and reward of outstanding R&D achievements at Faculty level.
  5. Plan and build the R&D bases and parks; Organize cooperative research among industry, universities and research institutions and the development of scientific, technological and cultural industries, and promote the popularization and application of scientific and technological achievements.
  6. Build and manage key laboratories, and confirm the objectives and tasks of key laboratories; Review the purchase plan of R&D instruments, coordinate the allocation and use of R&D equipment.
  7. Build and manage R&D institutions in the Faculty, examine and approve the establishment, renaming and cancellation of R&D institutions, and inspect and evaluate the construction and development of R&D institutions.
  8. Responsible for business training and management of R&D personnel and R&D management personnel; Do a good job in the construction of R&D management team.
  9. Summarize and fill in various R&D statistical reports.
  10. Manage, examine and approve the use of R&D funds, and do a good job in R&D budget and management.

Email: rdd@mmc.edu.mo