Faculty Staff – School of Digital Technology

Prof.Cai Zhiming

PhD, Hefei University of Technology

Postdoctoral fellow, University of Toronto(Canada)

Major and research: Software engineering, Cross-border system


Dr Huaxia Li

PhD, Southern Illinois State University (USA)

Professor, Tsinghua University, Taiwan

Major and research: Digital economy, digital gambling


Dr. Zhaoting Tai

from Georgia State University (USA)

Professor, Ramiremont University, Loyu, USA

Major and research: Big Data and digital management


Dr. Jia Wang

PhD, University of Tennessee – Knoxville (USA)

Professor, University of California, USA

Major and research: Intelligent strategy, social network behavior


Dr. Yongjian Zhao

PhD, University of Bath (UK)

Associate Professor, Department of Statistics, University of Hong Kong

Major and research: data statistics, quality management


Dr. Shiping Cui

PhD. Tsinghua University, Beijing

Major and research: Smart City


Dr. Xiangen Gu

Postdoctor, Beijing Normal University

PhD, Southern Cross University (Australia)

Major and research: E-commerce, pattern recognition


Dr. Yunqian Qu

PhD, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Major and research: operation and planning, intelligent tourism


Dr. Binkang Wang

PhD,  Xi ‘an Jiaotong University

Director of Shenzhen Enterprise Development Strategy Research Center

Major and research: Internet strategy, digital scheduling


Dr. Wei Lou

PhD, Renmin University of China

Associate researcher, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Major and research: Network and intelligent technology strategy


Dr. Van den Berg

PhD, Union Institute (USA)

Professor, Montgomery College, Maryland, USA


Dr. Wenbin Mai

Master, Columbia University, New York, USA

Major and research: Data mining


Dr. Hsien Chung Yeung

PhD, Southern Cross University (Australia)

Managing Director, Hong Kong Connect Holdings LTD

Major and research: Digital business management, digital hotel


Lecturer Wu Jiadao

Macquarie University Australia (Australia)

Master of Information Technology

Major and research: Nature language processing, Internet