I. Overview

(1) Macau Millennium College is a non-profit private higher education institution that owned by the Innovation Education Association whose founding president is Dr. Su Shuhui, a famous social elite in Hong Kong and Macau;

(2) The school was established with the approval of the Macau SAR government in August 2001. The campus is located on the 8th-9th floor of China Civil Plaza.

(3) On July 31, 2019, with the approval of Macau SAR government, the school issued the Articles of Association of Macau Millennium College, and gained the legal qualifications and academic qualifications of providing courses for “Bachelor, Master and Ph.D” degrees and associate degree;

(4) The Ministry of Education confirmed school-running qualification of the college in 2019;

(5) With the innate gene of “internationalization” and the distinctive culture of “integration of Chinese and Western cultures”, the college is a well-known institution of higher education in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area.

II. Vision

(1) Adhere to Macau’s historical mission of “one center, one platform and one base”, the development strategy of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area and “the belt and road initiative” through talent cultivation, scientific research innovation and academic exchanges;

(2) Confirm that the goal of talent cultivation is “cultivating innovative and internationalized intermediate and senior talents with cross-cultural literacy and competitiveness in the digital age”;

(3) Adhere to the core values of “integration of Chinese and Western Cultures”, “Innovation First” and “Lifelong Learning”;

(4) Realize leap-forward development and strive to become a well-known institution of higher education featuring with the “integration of Chinese and Western Cultures, high standard innovation of digital science and technology and distinctive teaching characteristics”.

III. Development Strategies

A. A discipline, academic and service hub that takes digital science and technology as the core

Hub core – digital science and technology, including Internet, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data, virtual technology (VR/AR/MR), blockchain and metaverse, etc.; discipline, academic and service system: original research on digital science and technology, teaching and knowledge innovation;
The inner loop of the Hub – digital economy, which is reflected by “commercial digitization and digital commercialization” and other fields related to Macau: technology finance (Fintech), smart tourism, digital hotels, immersive cultural experience, smart health care, smart manufacturing, etc.; discipline, academic and service system: original research on the commercial application of digital science and technology, original research on the application of digital science and technology in service industry, teaching and professional service;
The outer loop of the Hub—digital society and culture, digital society construction and governance, digital culture co-construction, digital culture sharing and other fields; discipline, academic and service system: smart city, digital art design, digital museum and other research, teaching and social service.

B. Leap-forward development led by high-end R&D

R&D first strategy refers to the quick formation of a talent team and discipline system supported by high-end academic platform through a high starting point and large investment. The reference models include: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, South University of Science and Technology of China, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou); The strategy aims to build R&D platforms for the originality and application of advanced digital science and technology, including: integration, circulation and security of cross-border big data , smart application of virtual technology, machine learning and smart services, etc.; The strategy will introduce “package solution system” and adopt collectivized regional cooperation.

C. The R&D path of paying equal attention to originality and application and giving priority to incubation

Adhere to giving priority to scientific research and give full play to the leading role of digital science and technology research and development in discipline construction; Adhere to the principle of “original research as the foundation and applied research as the focus”, and balance the relationship among the core hub, the inner loop of the hub and the outer loop of the hub; Establish a “Chinese and Western Digital Science and Technology R&D Base” in Hengqin, and build a “Chinese and Western Digital Science and Technology Research Institute” that incorporates R&D, degree education and incubator.

D. “Five in One” Integrated Talent Cultivation (ITC) Mode

1. Integration of fields and disciplines: large fields, broad disciplines and divergent knowledge innovation;

2. Integration of teaching and learning: frequent discussion, diligent interaction, and taking T&L Commons as the platform;

3. Integration of learning and application: paying equal attention to imparting knowledge, skill training and internship;

4. Integration of innovation and entrepreneurship: set up innovation and entrepreneurship funds to support teachers and students to realize knowledge transformation and conduct commercial projects;

5. Integration of school and communities: Increase the proportion of “experiential learning” and “service learning”.

IV. Brief introduction to the campus

The current school building is located in China Civil Plaza at the new port, occupying the whole 8th and the 9th floor and covers an area of over 40,000 square feet. The teaching facilities include classrooms, library, computer rooms and language teaching rooms. There is also an auditorium with more than 200 seats and the only “Behavior Simulation Lab” in Asia which enables students to learn conflict management, prevention strategies, interview and business negotiation skills in simulated scenes.