Bacharel em Gestão Hoteleira

We offer a tailored-made university degree program especially for the Hospitality Industry working professionals. To accommodate the needs of these shift-workers, we introduced a flexible and unique scheduling system known as “shift-classes for shift-workers”. We strive to improve the quality of Macau’s human resources by providing professional skill training, knowledge enrichment, workforce motivation, and service standard enhancement via our rigorous, comprehensive, and flexible curriculum, an innovative teaching reform mode among the universities of Macau.

Duration Four years

Medium of Instruction Chinese supplemented by English

Exame de Admissão

Para se qualificar para o exame de admissão, os candidatos devem
i.Ter concluído o Formulário 6 / ou 3º ano do ensino médio / ou o Formulário 12 do ensino fundamental (candidatos ao grau de bacharel)
ii.In vez de suas qualificações acadêmicas, os candidatos com idade igual ou superior a 25 anos com emprego podem fazer um exame de admissão.